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Good Friends are Hard to find

JoL's picture
on July 15, 2008 - 1:01pm

Well, I think I may just have got the best friends in the world! Today a couple of my friends dropped by and brought me a pressie. A new mobile phone. Yep I can't believe it. It's all singing and dancing. Okay it doesn't actually dance but it's definately better than my old one. My friends Ann and Andy got it for me.

I paid for Ann to go to London with me to watch Chess, because just after I'd booked everything, they both lost their jobs as they worked at the same company which made them both redundant at the same time and as it went into receivership never paid them any redundancy money. Well they both have jobs again and as well as doing lot's for me over the last week or so, I guess they figured they would give me a treat.
This phone with it's already installed memory chip can take up to 4000 songs (just waiting for you know who to release that many) or 640 minutes of video. I have already loaded 4 Josh videos on there and will be doing some more very shortly. I love my friends and I love all my friends on here too. Thanks for all your messages re my op. They cheered me up no end.
Take good care of yourselves.

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