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Josh's vid blog

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on July 16, 2008 - 8:25pm

You know a thousand things go through my mind while watching him fidget and squirm as he's "blogging" and 99.999% of those thoughts I can't post here. Heh heh ... The boy needs some ADD medicine. Of course I can imagine my video blogging would probably be worse, not because of my own ADD (oh look! something shiny!!) but because Emma would meander in or burst in depending on what mood she's in and grab the camera and run. Now I'm positive that Josh's camera is embedded in his laptop but here I sit at my desktop and Emma would have the camera in her grubby little hands, running for her life, the cord flying behind her nipping at her heels. Good Lord. Also I would be in the middle of blogging and Duncan would be calling my name and tapping me on the shoulder and telling me to look at something on his computer like he does currently every 3-5 minutes. It's hard to sit and concentrate on anything when he's pulling my attention in 42 different directions. Does anyone wonder why I get no writing done? THERE'S WHY.

You know, the end of that video there was a place where you could make requests ... is this smart? I mean come on! What do you think people are going to request? "Josh, next time please blog naked." Good God the Internet would explode. Well at least my eyeballs would.

And damn him for sitting on a couch whilst he's talking ... I wanted to curl up and get comfy ... grrrrrrr!!

:::edited to Nessa::: Oh yeah, we probably will ... ummm ... err ... *cheesy grin* hmmm how to put this ... I guess I'll just send you a PM ... ::snicker::

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