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A lazy river....

Rileysmom's picture
on July 17, 2008 - 6:09pm

It cannot be a summer in E. Tennessee without a trip to Dollywood Splash Country. Since it's just here in our backyard.....we went there today.
When I woke up this morning I had no idea we would go there. But in Pitts' true form, it came up over coffee. We were on the road in an hour. Life is so spur of the moment around here.
It's fun that way.

Anyway, it was a perfect day to be there. It was 92 degrees, humid and very sunny.

The thing we did that was the MOST fun had the longest line. It was this new water ride and for lack of a better explanation, it was sort of like being flushed down the toilet.
I rode it with Riley, so we picked up some major speed. We got on a double tube and went down this pipe and shot out into this bowl. We went around and around VERY fast then got sucked out the bottom into a pool. Heehee.

I laughed so hard at Robert. because he went by himself and screamed like a girl. I'm like "It wasn't THAT scarey".

We did a few more different slides, hung out in the wave pool. There were so many water things to do.

Another favorite thing for me was the lazy river. I could have floated that thing all day.

If you ever get anywhere near this side of Tennessee and the Smoky's you should stop in at Dollywood Splash. It's the coolest. I think it even made the Travel channels top waterparks in the nation.

Riley got all tore up because we were going without Reagan (because she's in Panama City with our church).
I said "Riley honey...I can assure you that Reagan isn't thinking about us while she's sitting on the beach in Florida!"
My cell rang while we were hanging by the pool and guess who is was? Yeah...Reagan.
LOL!!! Oh well!!

Loved Josh's Vlog. That was very special. He's so down to earth. Ha!!...and so cute. I loved his head on the screen. You could barely even see his neck, so it was just like a talking Josh head. LOL!! I love him....hope he keeps it up!

Well, we're home now and crashed on the couch. We tried to be diligent with sunscreen today, but...I'm sure we still got a little scorched.

We're watching Nanny 911. For some reason Riley is into this show. He's fascinated at these hideous bratty kids kicking and screaming at their parents. Then seeing Nanny show up to whip everyone into shape. Yeah "whip". That's the problem..there hasn't been enough of that. My mom would say "Nanny 911" my hind leg.....go pick a switch!!

Tomorrow TGIF!!! Yay!


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