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Why so Serious?

lexiarayne's picture
on July 19, 2008 - 9:08am

I went to a 12 01 showing of Dark Knight and had an AMAZING time. There was a guy dressed like the Joker and it was so scarily like the character in the movie, lol. Except I'm pretty sure he didn't plan on killing anyone. He opened the door for me when I got there. Then he met his friend who was dressed up like Batman. They were in the theatre next to us, lol.

The movie itself was AWESOME. Very intense, very action-packed with as little CG as they could manage. Kinda violent - don't take younger kids to that one. They will get scared.

Heath Leger gave the best performance I have ever seen. In ANY movie by ANY actor. He was absolutely incredible, and I now agree that he should and will get the Oscar for it, even though that movie would doubtfully be nominated for that kind of award if he wasn't in it. Not even because he's dead - they had talked about Oscar for the Joker even before he died. He deserves it.

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