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Getting ready

tasiax's picture
on July 20, 2008 - 6:50am

I have been doing laundry for what feels like 4 days straight. matching up what goes with what and what thinking about combinations of clothes. conteplating how much liqued is in each bottle I want to put in my carry case doing last min errands I went to hutch yesterday for the main reason of getting an extra pair of contacts I found two cute tinkerbelle shirts some travel items I hadn't thought of or originally wasn't going to bring got home I was tired from not sleeping much lately and nervous about the trip. well I forgot the my contact.... crap I am hoping the eye place is open later today so I can go back and pick them up. otherwise I am sol. I am a procrastinator I leave tommorrow and feel like I should have done so much of this stuff earlier and I know I should have but life sort of gets in the way. I am hoping Dave will come to the gate with me to say goodby but I have a feeling he won't. his dad wants him to look at a truck in a Chaska so more than likely he will be thinking about that more than saying goodbye to his wife. My brother and sisterin law are coming with too so maybe they will want to go to the gate and Dave will go to. He can't seem to make up his mind sometimes I think it is because he doesn't know who he should please and never really thought he could do what please himself ok I am being a bit philisophical now or psychoanalytical.... I suck at spelling I know. When I write in my journal I don't have to worry about the spelling and now I have found out people may actually read this so worry about my spelling but should I? I don't read blogs do much so I don't know what is normal. I am not trying to be writer or anything so why am I writing in a public blog? human nature is confusing. do we do it to tell our story or make people who may meet us one day, like us or feel something good or bad? I have noticed as most other people have that the negative threads have the most activity, and so many that try to be positive after that get little or no action at all. No matter what people say humans in general seem to like to 'discuss' and show that they have different opinons than other. Perhaps if they are 'right' they will feel better about themselves or make people feel better about them. I guess we all want attention one way or another. My mom got some space saver bags that you squeeze the air out of so I have to go over there after she gets out of church and we will repack my suitase. I packed for the first time last night and there are few things I want to throw in there when the dryer is done.... oh the dryer stopped gotta go.

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