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One week

lfranklin's picture
on July 21, 2008 - 8:07pm

So it's been a couple of days on the new uh... 'treatment' and I think I can tell the difference already. I'm not even up to a full dose yet which says to me that yep, something was *really* out of whack. I don't really "feel" much different except my appetite has been way off lately- I bounce suddenly from feeling full all day to RAVENOUS but then I end up not eating much anyway because I get full quicker. All in all it translated to a 1.5+ drop this week. Hard to claim that as a real victory but hey, it wasn't a gain! I still seem to have headaches... but at least I'm not drinking a few gallons of water a day!

I do notice a bit of an attitude adjustment though: I've quit caring as much about all the random little things that used to get to me that I knew I shouldn't worry about but couldn't help stressing over anyway. It's a targeted apathy which I hope is for the better. I've been able to focus a bit more at work which has helped since it's getting to the end of the fiscal year madness and suddenly everybody wants code written and demos prepped.

The biggest problem now is that both me and my father have degrees in psychology and we can't shut up the scientist in us: there's some sneaky evil part of us that want's to experiment with doses to see how little of the meds I can take...

No worries though all: we're not stupid either. I will be a good girl and take exactly what my doc told me to take. It's enough that I'm feeling better- that evil scientist in me will just have to talk to herself!

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