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I made progress!!

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on July 21, 2008 - 10:39pm

I made progress!!!
I finally got ride of some junk...Now if i could get ride of my boss??? LOL
My mom is a pack rat and she has stored some serious garbage (no, seriously GARBAGE).
We threw away issues of Fingerhut from 1995, for crying out loud, the prices are no longer valid!!
Of course i didn't throw away some of the stuff that matters, like my last report card (all A's baby!! I had to I failed the first semester!! LOL)
I feel good, the house is becoming a house, not "Public Storage".
I am still waiting for Josh to post another blog, but, i think he is waiting for just the right moment, he wants to make a grand entrance (pardon, i'm a drama queen *sniff*). He mentioned in his 1st blog that he should have a funny hat or something planned, well, not too planned i expect, he knows what we like, I shouldn't worry so much.
Just wanted to tell you all about my weekend!! It was great, even though i cleaned most of it, I feel good.
I also celebrated my 19th year anniversary with my best friend lily!!! We met on July 19th 1989, I was ditching class and she had the "curse", we were both at the bleachers and we started to talk and she showed me around (and were to buy my gym cloths!! ). Since then we were inseparable, we even found out that we shared the same faith!! I love her, I don't have a big sister and she doesn't have a little sister so it all worked out!!

She got me Estee Lauder Pure White Linen, which by the way smells good and I got her a Victorian Clerk Writing Set, it has everything she wanted: an embosser, wax, stamps, stencils, she was happy, i loved the look on her face. I saved money for months, but, it was all worth it.

I gotta go, i have to go nigh, nigh!!
Bye for now,
Hugs and kisses,

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