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thank you

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on July 23, 2008 - 10:32am

again!!! i really really appreciate the comments that you've been leaving me in this freaky weak. really, the only good thing that's been happening is you guys and josh's blog. how screwed am i?

so, i just finished a workshop for the probation thing from school. it turns out that it could BE A MISTAKE!!!
my grade point average and my completion ratio are good. i shouldn't be in probation!!
a counselor was trying to figure out why that was. so, as for now...i'm still going to attend my fall classes and it's all good for now. she's going to figure out why i'm on progress probation when i shouldn't be.

it's all because of some numbers. see, told you numbers were evil!!

my major is still teaching, but i still keep debating if i should be a High School English Teacher or a Pre-School Teacher/Early Childhood Development. i love writing and i love kids.
so, when i get back from my trip, i have a day and a half off and then i go camping for a couple of days and then when i come back, the next day my classes start.

i'm going to meet with a career counselor to help me make a decision on my major.

i'm a bit relieved and now i can enjoy my trip.

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