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Giggles, Great-Grandparents, and Grrrr!

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on July 24, 2008 - 12:38am

What a week! The "Giggles" would describe Sunday Night after church. We finally made time for Riley (my oldest) to have some friends spend the night here. 4 eight-year-olds, mixed with the little sisters, 6 & 3...giggle-city! And what was so funny--other than my friend's daughter's silly antics at 2 a.m.--is that just when my 2 oldest were just about to wind down, the 3-year-old, Cassidy, was leading the others up and down the hallway! SO FUNNY! I really enjoyed listening to them and watching them interact. And it wasn't like your typical gathering of little girls--not once did I hear the "then I'm not gonna be your friend anymore" or "I wanna go home" or "I'm never speaking to you again" stuff! That particular group of girls played SO well together...not even the little ones ever seemed to feel left out!

Then...the "great-grandparent" would refer to the other day when my Grandmother called to say she was coming over to get Riley to go spend the night with her. That has turned out to be 2 nights...they sound like they're having a blast, too! And it will be so sweet when she gets home, because her sisters are missing her terribly! And I have to say, I am, too!

Then comes the "Grrrr". I'm sick. It really started coming on Sunday night, but I refused to let it get me. However, now I think I have a true sinus infection, including infection in both eyes, a slight sore throat, and a low fever. The good news to that? Since I have a fever, I will be allowed a MEDICINE! FINALLY! I will be calling the Dr. and begging for relief first thing in the morning! I had called yesterday to see if I could take something for allergies--I even said please! But they said that they would really rather me not take anything unless I had fever and "green junk". Ewwww. But...thankfully (???) and hopefully (!!!) I will get relief tomorrow! Besides, the kids have another trip to their grandparents' this weekend and I have shopping plans! hahahaha I NEEEED relief! LOL

Well, I guess that my 7-9 p.m. "nap" has worn off, so I'm gonna head to bed. 'Night!

Oh--one more thing I just have to say--I may not be able to take meds much, but there is one thing I am truly loving--my little 'baby bump'! I have begun to have less and less nausea, too...I have just about made it through my 1st trimester, and the Dr. said last week that there is now less than a 1% chance of miscarriage at this point!

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