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on July 30, 2008 - 7:24pm

See Lyndsey. See Lyndsey work. Work, Lyndsey, work.

See wall. See Lyndsey run towards the wall. Run, Lyndsey, run!

... yeah you can probably finish up the rest of the story. To borrow a phrase from Josh I think I'm trying to hit the wall this week. Even my skating coaches looked at me and said "You have *really* dark bags under your eyes... go home and sleep!"

(course I was on the ice at 6:15 AM thanks to a hockey camp)

But I'm pulling through it all and mostly without mishap despite work trying its beastly best to be a nightmare. We had a web-based project built in Firefox suddenly decide that it had to be IE compatible and that the client wanted it mid-August. *GROWL*

(For the non programmer, Internet Explorer is *not* a standards-compliant web browser... which means all 5 of use developers have been pulling 10 hour days for about 3 weeks now trying to rebuild a piece of software that's been in development for over three years)

The upside is I have *loads* of extra hours built up now. I think when it's all over I'm going to have a PJs & ice cream & Josh day.

(See Lyndsey. See Josh. See Lyndsey drool over Josh. Drool, Lyndsey, drool!)

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