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dogs, dogs, dogs.........

vijaykumar's picture
on July 31, 2008 - 1:23pm

Well it's now friday, still 1 more work day left for me. I think that i might have sunday off! but probably not i have to be in the bite suit for protection training this sunday! Yes i'm a little crazy but it really is fun! I have the house to myself this weekend as my sister is in victoria B.C. for the weekend! It's so quiet in the house! I'm looking after my friends dogs again this weekend so that means 3 more extra dogs on top of the 4 that i already have! She's at a dog show this weekend so she is taking 3 with her! My brake light went on yesterday morning in my van, it as a little scary, so i had to take it into the mechanic and 300 and some odd dollars later i have new brakes! i couldn't avoid that one but after the 800 dollar bill for gunda's knee my pocket book is really hurting! i only hope that my obedience classes fill up so that i can have some extra money soon! I hate having to live from paycheck to paycheck but it seems to be the way i have to go sometimes! I have a question for you dog people out there (and even those of you who are not!), if you were looking for a class to do something with your dog what would you want to do, the reason i am asking is that i am getting tired of the sit, down, stay, come routine and i need to break out into something different. I already teach intermediate obedience and all levels of agility, and help to fix behavioral problems, so any suggestions would be welcome! i am attempting to take a holiday...... yes i know it`s scary!! i haven`t had an actual holiday in.....5 years or more! i am planning to visit some relatives in Saskatchewan.....we will have to wait and see if it actually happens or not!
Well i hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend and i hope that you all have good weather and health for it too!

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