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OY! I HATE working Caturdays!

ObiWanCannoli's picture
on August 2, 2008 - 5:21am

However, on a happier note I was off yesterday and got a lot of things done including cleaning my bathroom which really needed it. You see I have white tiles in my bathroom and any not blonde colored hair that falls onto it is stark contrast to the white tiles and they also act like a magnet attracting hair as well. It wasn't my choice so don't even go there. It's beautiful though. I'd show you a pic but I can't post them here. Oh well ... anyway, went to Wally World and got some necessities then went to have something to eat at a hot dog joint where the food is SUPPOSED to be good but WASN'T! And I thought I'd remembered going there once before and it was superb. I don't know, now it isn't. In fact it was so bad that I'm thinking of filing a complaint. Well no matter, it's done and over with! Have you ever been to Culvers? Well if you haven't and there's one around where you reside then I think you should! The food there is really good, they have a crispy chicken salad that's really good and they put PECANS on the salad! YUM! Anyway, the crispy chicken is really high in cals and fat so I ask for grilled chicken - the pecans are very high in cals too but they are VERY good for you. Sometimes I get the 'garden' salad and have them toss the pecans on that. They use these sort of really big peas that sort of taste like lima beans and they are really good too! They also have a barbecued pulled pork sandwich and a pot roast sandwich that is really, really good. Not every Culvers has this but the one I can access from work has a chicken salad WRAP and it's wonderful! Then there is the ice cream ... YUM! I was going there the other day at lunch and called Jess to ask her to look up the fat and calorie content of their "concrete mixer" which is like their version of a blizzard and she said what size, I said medium and she said it's 800 and something calories! I gasped! OH MY GOD! I said, I'd better get a small!! It has to have only half the cals, right? Right?? ::staring:: Oh come on! Well ::sigh:: I got a small and then told Jess whenever I complain about not losing weight just tell me about that 800 something calories in the concrete mixer ... the one that sits on your ass like concrete. Ugh! But I LOVE them! If I could go without one for a MONTH I know I'd be better off ... but I can't go without one for a WEEK!

So a Grobie friend is making the trip from Indiana to my house today for a visit! It's only about an hour's drive and I'm so excited. We're supposed to go get tattoos together. I've never had a tat. I've been pierced; I have an eyebrow ring, a belly button ring, and three holes in each of my ears (I want my nose done soooooo bad!!!) but never had a tattoo. This ought to be interesting. That reminds me, I have to print out our designs before I go to work! Well crap, I guess I'd better get going. Sorry to rant and rave. It's like I don't have anything good to say - I do! I may hate working Caturdays but I do LOVE being off of work Fridays! That's a good thing! So to sum up:

1. Don't like working Caturdays.

2. Love being off work Fridays - well any day really.

3. Love the food and ice cream at Culvers but really don't like the fat and cals there ... I just pretend it's harmless ...

4. Getting a tattoo - well we'll see. I'm a wuss.

5. Getting to see Chrissy again, that's AWESOME!!!

6. Hope you have a fab day!!! I know I'm going to!

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