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Crazy week

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on August 2, 2008 - 4:20pm

Greetings to anyone who actually still reads this. Its been a few days since I actually wrote anything, but to tell you the truth, I haven't been feeling like myself these days. I have added a class to my already crazy schedule and it has made me so exhausted from the extra work. The class that I will be taking over the next year is basically just a course to improve my office skills and improve my ability to get a better job. Being away from the work force as long as I was made me realize how much I need to improve. Between that and work and of course taking care of my kids on my days just has me so stressed. I just get so depressed trying to find time to take care of myself and the people in my life. I feel as if I am failing both to be honest.But it is something that I must go through.

I am sort of frustrated with my job currently. Went in today expecting to work a 4 hour shift only to be sent home 15 minutes after I started. They tend to cut hours during the end of the month. Very frustrating. I am just wondering if any company actually tries to take care of their employees. It seems to me companies could get so much from their employees if they meet some of their needs regarding schedules. I enjoy who I work for, just frustrating I am not getting the hours I need. OF course since this is the first job I have had in the past 11 years, (other than a full time mom), so it isn't like I can just find another place of employment just like that. SO I am kind of stuck dealing with it. Hope full this class will improve things in myself to be able to move on.

But as I came home today, saw something quite amusing. Well, it wasn't amusing as much as it was inspiring. Saw an elderly couple who I say must have been in their 70's climb on a motorcycle. I know, what is inspiring about that, right? I just thought it was really cool to see people that are in their elder years still be so active and enjoy life to the fullest. They weren't just sitting around eating oatmeal while playing bingo and waiting for their depends to fill up, but they were out riding their HOG! It just goes to show you that you are never too old for anything.May we all hold on to our youthfulness for as long as possible.

OK, for those of you who have kids knows that kids will often find the silliest thing to do and they do not always know what they are doing. For example, yesterday morning, I caught my 10 year old daughter in the bathroom rubbing what SHE THOUGHT was lotion on her legs and arms. I knew instantly it wasn't lotion by the unique smell this product has. It was NAIR. God that smell lasts forever in a small apartment. When I told her what it was used for, she got a little embarrassed. But its OK, I know WE all have done things that are goofy such as that. I have been told by my parents that when I was young, I tried to pee standing up and also managed to eat a box of EXLAX. I mean really, who hasn't tried to eat that, it is just like chocolate. Who was the idiot that thought that was a good idea? Sheesh! The fact I can mention that now, is kind of amusing and a major step in my life.LOLOLOLOL. Oh the things we do growing up.........

Anyway, hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and enjoying your time to your self or your families.

My Tip for today....... When going to the store to get just a few items, make sure you go when you do not have to go to the bathroom. I went the other day after I got of class thinking I would only be in there a second, but my luck got stuck behind an elderly lady at the registers who moved slower than molasses. God, it was horrible.... Almost needed depends.LOLOL....

Take care, you are loved.....

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