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Mystery Guy At Church

BethanyHenderson's picture
on August 2, 2008 - 11:06pm

Two weeks ago I was sitting in church, and sitting in front of me were these two young men. I'd say they were my age. I didn't recognize them. Because it's summer vacation we get a lot of visitors, and our church is a pretty good size, so it's not like I know everyone who belongs there. The seating at church is divided into four sections. There's the center aisle, but then each side is divided into two sections, allowing a larger space for people with disabilities who may be using a wheelchair or walker. I was sitting in the very last row of the front section, right in front of the divide.

After we did the sign of peace I glanced behind me because I saw someone dashing from their seat in the first row of the back section and hurry over our way. It was a man and he was apparently friends with the two other young men sitting in front of us, and he wanted to sit with them, which he did. There were a few striking qualities I noticed right away. The first being how much he looked like Josh Groban.

Honestly, as I glanced back and saw him sort of darting I thought it WAS Josh. This is probably because I've sort of immersed myself in all things Josh Groban lately. I'd been watching his Awake: Live DVD and you know how he's always running up and down the stage interacting with the fans, that's what I thought of when I saw this guy moving to come sit in front of me. Ha ha, it's ridiculous I know.

At this point I'm totally excited because I haven't seen his face yet and judging from the back of him he could really be Josh. He looks to be about the same height and the exact build, and he's got the same dark, curly hair. Another thing was his clothing, he had on a stripped button-down shirt, and dark jeans. I think the sleeves of the shirt were rolled up, but I'm not positive. Isn't that sort of typical outfit for Josh Groban (ha ha, or any guy I guess)? My heart is pounding with excitement at this point.

This unknown man isn't sitting directly in front of me, more towards my right, so it was difficult to get a look at his face. Now I've completely stopped paying attention to mass; bad I know, but this might be Josh Groban sitting in front of me!

I eventually got a look at about half of his face, and obviously it wasn't him. I didn't really think it would be, but I was hoping, a small small hope that it was. Even though he wasn't Mr. Groban he still looked an awful lot like him. This guy even had a little scruff of a beard.

Okay, I'm 98% sure it wasn't JG. Since then I haven't seen this mystery guy. I missed church last Sunday and didn't see him this week, but like I said the church is kind of big.

The other thing that caught my attention was that he was so focused on the mass, and it made me feel bad that I was so unfocused. He was very reverent. After communion we're supposed to remian standing, but he knelt and appeared to be very deep in prayer. I was impressed. I never got a chance to talk to him and I doubt he even noticed me. I wish I could have at least said hello to him or even told him I thought he looked like Josh Groban, despite how stupid it would have been. I guess I'll have to keep an eye out for him, and pray. Hey, maybe it was Josh's brother? Again, totally ridiculous.

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