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A Josh dream interpreted, or What I really want

GrobAngel's picture
on August 6, 2008 - 7:13am

I went to this event hoping to meet more professional contacts and all I got was this lousy dream interpretation.
What happened was, this cosmetic counter was doing makeovers and brought in a guy to do dream interpretations. I've had insomnia lately and couldn't remember any that I'd had recently, so I pulled out one I had months ago: I'm at my desk. Nothing's going on, and no one around me is doing much of anything. I get up and walk to the office kitchen. These big burly men walk past carrying long metal poles, and then I see Josh Groban leaning against the wall.
That's heavily abridged from the full dream (as you may remember, it included passionate kissing), but I figured that little tidbit suggests that I want something I like at work. (I can do the tasks easily enough, but it's hard to get jazzed up about the services the company is selling. I don't know the first thing about finance and don't want to learn.) The flake of an interpreter suggested that this could be the case. The guys carrying poles imply that I feel like I'm carrying heavy burdens (true; my responsibilities have increased but my salary's stayed put), and the fact that a singer appeared in my dream means that I want to express myself better. That could explain why some of my Josh Groban dreams take place at the office.
And it's true. I would prefer to be doing what I've been trained to do for an industry I'm interested in. I remember one summer, I made a list of TV channels and movies I watched, magazines and books I read, and cosmetics I used. Then I looked them all up online and submitted resumes to their New York offices. Nothing came of it, but I think I should try it again.
And I do wish I could do what Josh is doing - take something I'm good at, do it for a living, and take advantage of every possible opportunity to learn new things and hone my craft. I wish I could write again. True, I have two blogs and a print journal. But I wish I could write stories again. I used to do this all the time - when the rest of my class was playing games in the computer lab, I'd be tapping away at a story. When an elementary or middle school teacher asked for a creative writing piece, I was the kid turning in 20-page assignments. I took writing classes throughout college, and coped with a tough experience by turning it into fiction and changing a few things I wished could've been different. But now I feel like my creativity has literally been drained out of me. It's been over a year since I wrote something creative, and even that was a fan fiction piece. I'm the first to admit it turned out ridiculous, and yet I had so much fun doing it.

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