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on my way to bed

lindyjean's picture
on August 7, 2008 - 12:52am

i'm a fool for ebay---i get a lot of my josh collection there. tonight, i snagged a real prize. it's called an album flat---it's a 12x12inch rendition of a CD's cover, on heavy cardstock, usually double-sided, like an old LP cover would be....i got one for the, "Closer" CD. it was the only one i was missing, and i've never seen one on ebay before. the seller said that they'd found a bunch of old josh stuff misfiled in their inventory. i also got an 18x24in poster for the Closer album, too. i'm really jazzed at this. it only cost $4.25--being hard to find doesn't make it valuable (except to fans like me). the seller has another one up for sale in the "buy it now" section, for $14.99, but that wasn't there til after mine was sold. but, it's coming soon, and i'm really happy to have gotten this. when i get around to putting up all my stuff, there won't be an inch of blank wall. i have all three CJs, all the album flats, and some other posters---from borders, barnes and noble, the theatre screening of "Awake Live", and a couple other promotional things. it's addictive. my HOG has no idea of half the stuff i have acquired over time. it's all in a big box with the still-unassembled CJs.
but, i'm going to bed happy cuz i won this one item.

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