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lfranklin's picture
on August 9, 2008 - 4:34pm

It's Olympics time!!! WOOHOOO!

Okay, maybe getting this excited by the Olympics is a bit cheesy... but I do it proudly anyway :) I hardly ever watch TV anymore despite the lovely HD TV and Dad's upgrade to DirecTV. But I have been GLUED from the first minute of the Opening Ceremony (and HOLY COW what a show that was!!!!!) and I'm going to absorb every minute I can. It's the best show of sportsmanship and humanity that you can find on TV anymore and we only get one every two years. (Okay, four but I'm just as glued to the Winter Games... maybe more so since I figure skate myself).

Okay... off to go cheer for some random underdog country or the US in some obscure event I would never have known about otherwise.


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