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Back to school!

Rileysmom's picture
on August 11, 2008 - 3:12pm

Today was the first day.

Not a big deal in our house, just up and at 'em. Riley even used the SAME backpack that he did last year. The bus runs exactly the same time. It's like picking up where we left off.

The only down side of it is I have an absolute TON of papers to fill out tonight, plus a list of stuff Reagan needs.

I don't know what parents do with more than two kids trying to get all this stuff filled out by tomorrow!!

My whole evening is going to be occupied with filling out forms.

To add to it......our whole kitchen is gutted. We are getting new cabinets, so the kitchen is closed.

That timing was real good wasn't it.

The guy doing the work said it would be 7 days to put in the cabinets. So that means 7 days of eating out.

I'm going to need a Joshcation....

No..wait. That's 7 days I don't have to cook ANYTHING or clean a dish.
What am I thinking? Duh!

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