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If I had a dollar...

GROBanMELODY's picture
on August 12, 2008 - 7:07pm


How I spend my money definitely has a lot to do with how much I had/was given growing up. My parents are long since divorced and living different lives as one struggles more to earn enough and the other works hard as well and is compensated more. Obviously by circumstance, one is going to have less money to spend and the other is thrifty by nature. We got allowance but it was never very much and the tooth fairy certainly wasn't rich either. So my spending habits (outside of anything Josh of course) are that of I have to really want it/need it enough to give up the money for it. Clothes shopping- I'm super cheap. I can't bring myself to pay more than $20 usually for a pair of jeans...(I spend $30? on a pair recently) I shop at Target and Kmart. I hate Walmart (but have to admit my best pair of dark jeans are from there). Those who know me could probably call what I wear predictable for me because I pretty much have my closet segmented into these categories:

-Scoop neck tanks (not thin straps) that aren't see through so I don't have to layer. I have varying plain colors and some with striped colors that I love. Anything with stringy straps I have to have built in support.

-Plain polos in varying colors. I love my polos. They're simple and comfy and I can use them for work.

-Casual tees. Mostly with things written on them- Happy bunny, Pirates tshirt, etc.

-Heavy duty shirts. These would include the FOJG membership tshirts, various ones I've gotten over the years and the ones you don't wear all that often.

-Work tanks/tops. My nicer tanks and some dressier work tops. I have one red sweater and I don't own anything else long sleeve or sheer and clingy. Too many turtlenecks as a child and now I hate long sleeve. I just found this great black work jacket that I wanted when I first saw it at Kmart for $30 but I was too cheap and then today the total price for it was $10.

-Work bottoms. I just found a great gray knee length skirt and gray dress slacks that can be hemmed. I have two other pairs of pants- black and brown that I wear for work as well.

-Jeans. I have about 7 or 8 pairs now. I have a few pairs of jean shorts and some casual brown shorts.

-Slip on shoes. I haven't tied my shoes in years. I wear the comfy slip on shoes from payless and totally just found another pair today at Kmart for $7...I have $3 flip flops from Payless and let me tell you those are great shoes...I have had one pair for a few years now and they are cheap but last a long time. I also got a black pair and ones with skull and crossbones.

I like my closet. It's not fancy but I'm happy with what I buy and I tend to keep stuff for a long time and not throw it out till it no longer fits or isn't in good condition anymore.

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