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on August 12, 2008 - 7:46pm

the pictures are on my page. go to
there's a slideshow on the top right side. the only one there.

if it doesn't work...let me know.

this is what i did:

7/26-plane left at 1:30am. when i got off the plane the heat and humidity hit my face and we started sweating.
that day, our favorite soccer team was playing the final, but the game was cancelled mid-way because it started raining. they play in cement, and they started slipping and falling.

7/27-the soccer final. i missed it because i went out to dinner with my family. the soccer team loast. boo hoo!

7/29-my grandparents took my mom and i for lunch next to a river. it was soo beautiful but i didn't take pictures. they didn't tell us where we were going so i didn't take my camera. the river is called Caluco.

7/30-first earthquake at 12am. i felt that one, but just went back to sleep.

7/31-we went to a market where they sell fruit, etc, out in the streets. very crowded and cars run you over if YOU don't move. it's dangerous with cars over there. my uncle picked us up and i rode in the back of the truck. standing up and the wind hitting my face.
we were behind a reminded me when we were following my grandmother's coffin.

8/1-my cousins and i went to go see the Mummy movie. it was okay, i didn' like the new woman playing the mom, but the growned up boy sure was cute.
before the movie, we got on 2 of the carnival rides. a purple one that flips you upside down and the pirate ship. after, we went for pizza.

8/2-we attended a babyshower and a Quinceanera.

8/3-the family and i took a field trip to a beach called Cobano's Beach. long drive. we rented an uncle's bus and we filled it up with, not even half the family. AHAHA! my face got burnt and my body ached from having the harsh waves tumble over me.

8/5-La vajada de El Salvador del Mundo. the procession of the Savior of the World. it starts in a church and it's carried out surrounded with beautiful flowers and the countries people follow him singing. there was a lot of people. i saw a famous guy, don't know who he is. he's famous over there.
there was this one lady singing by her self and the camera guy passed by me and two of my cousins, so we ended up on television!!!

8/6-second earthquake at 3am. didn't feel that one. cousin's birthday, so we went to the same rides.

8/7-i got the stomach flu. boooo!!! 3rd earthquake at 5:45pm. i felt it but i was busy watching television so i ignored it.

8/10-i spent the night with my beautiful cousins. i packed up.

8/11-my flight left at 9:45am and i got to Los Angeles at 1:30pm.


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