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Irishgirl127's picture
on August 13, 2008 - 8:55pm

When I think of Scruff Muffin I think of hugs. So JOSH here is a hug poem for you and the Grobanite family.

A hug is two arms
Wrapped around you tight,
A hug is a squeeze
in the middle of the night.

A hug is a sign
Of affection and love,
A hug is a sign
From the heavens above.

A hug is a thing
That everyone needs,
When you give a hug
You plant a seed.

The seeds of hope
And love and joy,
Belong to every man,
Woman, girl and boy.

~ Author Unknown ~

I know how much Josh likes to hug so I thought this was fitting. Maybe someday I'll actually be able to give Josh a real hug. I hope I hope!!!!

Have a wonderfully Joshin night all!!


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