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Where in the World is BlogVirgin?

Veronica1776's picture
on August 14, 2008 - 8:17pm


I am a very patient person (kind of). But this is ridiculous!! Where are you mister Groban??? Don't you know that I am supposed to know where you are 24/7??
Ok, maybe not 24/7 but at least "through us a freaken bone here!!" LOL
OK, i am officailly off the soapbox.
How are you guys doing? Are you as insane as me of not knowing where our QT pie is?
Hope he is having fun though, but, then again when isn't he having fun.
I have been working my glutes off at work!! And to top it all off i have to go in on Saturday and Sunday!!!
Only one person can save me now....How did you guys know i was going to say Josh??!!!
He will be my inspiration those gloomy days, I'm taking a CD player and all my CD's and will be having two wonderful dates with Josh!!
Don't hate!! There is plenty of him to go around!!
Well, gotta go,
my dad wants his dinner, before he gets out of the shower and he already turned the water off!! L(i'm in trouble!!)

Bye for now,
Love you all,

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