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on August 15, 2008 - 1:48pm

ok, so a little while ago I was watching Love Actually. One of my all-time favourite movies. And it made me remember how soon Christmas will come. Geesh! It's kinda freaky. I still have a lot to study and I really hope I get in this University. The good side of it all is that this fall I'm FINALLY gonna start my singing lessons!!!! They're really expensive so my mom will pay for only a month of them (that we agreed will be my b-day present) and for the rest I'll have to manage. Now it all depends if I get in, I'll be able to work for a month or 2 and save up some money, to pay for the singing lessons, buy some clothes (:D) and put some on the side for next year in case Josh does the Phantom or for his next tour at least. So it all depends on that. God, I hope I get in! It's a cool University, it's in the center of the town and the building is nice and old, renewed now so it looks great! This University was founded in 1747 (I learned that while studying history yesterday so I guess I'm learning SOMETHING! lol) Anyway, Christmas is coming and Zg will look great as always and I'll be single as always... it's not that bad, just a bit depressing... you know, everything decorated, snow softly falling, all those Christmas romantic movies that aren't really helping, couples everywhere... yeah.... <_< hate 'em. Ah well, I always survived them, I can survive them now. It's still depressing... If I get in, and get a job for a while. I'll go to Vienna for Advent. I've never been to Vienna and I bet that to see in that time for the first time would be wonderful! To see Beethoven's grave and Strauss' and so on... and the Museum of Music... and all those sweets... yeah, it would be great! To go there by train in the morning and return in the evening... so it would be a wonderful day... and since I'm rambling, I'm gonna stop this...
see you soon!

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