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Catching up

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on August 17, 2008 - 12:31pm

It seems I've abandoned this blog at the expense of my newer one...sorry about that. There's been a lot to report since my last post.
I had the misfortune of a birthday on a Tuesday this year, but I followed the same line as I did on years when I went to concerts: It was only my birthday because the calendar said so. I got my real present a few days before. My fiance and I went to see Rent before it closed. I love the music (I'm even using the happy version of "I'll Cover You" as my wedding recessional) and the movie, and my only regret is that I didn't make it to the show sooner. After it was over, we didn't do our usual race to the train station and cursing the system for not getting us home before 1 a.m. Instead we checked into a luxury hotel, opened a bottle of wine, went to brunch in the morning, and loved every minute of it.
On my actual birthday, I was able to prove that the one advantage of having a Tuesday birthday was that I could get a dinner reservation anywhere I wanted. In this case, "anywhere I wanted" was a beautiful Thai restaurant in New York. This was one of the most luxurious restaurants I have ever been in, and the food was incredible.
This weekend was considerably less exciting, but maybe I can think of it as the calm before the storm that is my wedding. It's literally next month and there's so much to do still. Response cards are pouring in, I now know what my fiance, our wedding party and I are wearing, we have to get the rings, the marriage license and the attendant gifts...
It's enough to make me feel like I'm working two jobs, the one I go to an office for and wedding planner. It sounds like such a cliche to moan, "Not enough hours in the day", but I found a way to make more hours. Since I always arrive at my office early anyway, I'm thinking of asking if I can switch my hours to 8:00-4:30 from now until the wedding is over. This way I could feel more motivated at the office, have more time to deal with wedding vendors and stores and possibly even wind down and feel better in the evenings.

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