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Return to Competition!

lfranklin's picture
on August 17, 2008 - 1:40pm

So today (this morning actually) I competed in my first skating competition since high school.

*BIG tremble of pent up nerves and fussiness gets released*

I skated well- really the only thing I would have changed is my first spin (I kinda fell out of my camel spin early and it threw me off for the next two positions). But everything else went well! I even remembered to smile and I think I had nice speed and flow in the jumps (and no butt-plants in my footwork)!

The bad news is the lady I was against had an axel and since I don't, the points weren't going to be on my side. I ended up taking 2nd... of two :P There were supposed to be three of us, but the other (a friend of mine) had to scratch right before (asthma was acting up on her) so we'll see her at the next one in September!

Actually, I'm okay with second today. Considering all the obstacles of the past 3 years (and last 3 months particularly), it was a triumph to just get out there! I have years ahead of me in the USFSA Adult track, there will be more and soon they will be gold!

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