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waiting through time

jlbrown3711's picture
on August 20, 2008 - 8:20pm

Tonight the moon shines reflectingly over us both

covering us with its illuminating light

but yet we remain so far from each other

still longing for the day that fate brings us close

I cannot speak for his heart

just whats in my ever so searching soul

The hunger I crave to be near him

yearns to destroy what keeps us apart

Do I know our meeting will happen?

Do I know if his love is true?

All I know nothing is guaranteed

and that God only knows if and when

I have poured my heart out each and every day

thats all I can really do

He hears my deepest of thoughts

because life is to short, for me not to say

I sit and wait through time

Time for him to open his eyes

and see that love has come calling his name

and make his spirit once again shine

Its risky to love some one so far

It is like being on a cliff

the possbilities of falling are endless

and leaving an emotional scar

But I keep the faith that his love is true

though I am deeply scared

because how can I miss out

on telling someone I love you

~~~~~~l.Brown 2008~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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