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some people just don't get it

lindyjean's picture
on August 22, 2008 - 12:33am

my friend lives in Orange County...yeah, THAT OC glamourized by the WB....she told me about a column in the Register that caused a stir. a young mom, taking her child to swimming lessons, found herself very attracted to the young, gorgeous, buff, sweet instructor her daughter has. she wrote about it, and a bunch of prudes down there wrote letters to the paper saying how inappropriate it is for a married woman to be openly lusting after a younger man. she sent me the article, and it's very read far worse in any entertainment section that reports on the likes of britney, paris, lindsay, etc, was very harmless. i feel like writing to the paper and telling them to warn those prigs to never, ever, even consider looking in on josh's fan club site, or their heads will explode with all the talk about josh's hotness, regardless of how old the writer is. my friend said she was relieved to see someone else confess to something she's been guilty of for decades. i told her, honey you're in grand company! we all have a crush on josh, to some extent. and we all get it. it's okay to think someone is attractive. it's okay to salivate, so long as you don't drip on anyone else. so there....we are all more evolved than those plastic OC wives......

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