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Something I hope never to see again

JoL's picture
on August 22, 2008 - 1:07pm

Well my day was going fine. I decided to go shopping this afternoon in Wakefield where I live and borrowed my mums partners car. On my way back from town on the main bridge over the river Calder I witnessed a terrible accident. I'm still shaking a little from it. A motorbike raced past quite a few cars including the one I was driving and went straight into the path of an artic lorry that was turning right. The bike and rider went under the lorry and (I can't say this and make it sound anything other than awful) the rider of the bike was decapitated. It was just absolutely horrifying. I feel so bad for the guy who was driving the lorry, because it wasn't his fault. The police came and closed the road. It's a main road and because it happened on the bridge, there's nowhere you can turn or move to. They took statements from everyone who witnessed the accident including me. It took nearly 4 hours before the police cleared the area and I could drive the rest of the way home. Thank heavens I had Josh to listen to in the car, I just sat there with my eyes closed and listened to him sing over and over.

I hate to think what the family of the person who was riding the bike are going through tonight. My thoughts are with them.

I'm sorry that I had to share this with you, but I just thought if I could type it out, it might help erase it from my memory a little. Thanks

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