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Pretty upset

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on August 25, 2008 - 6:56pm


I am so upset....
My boss and i hardly speak to each other, in part it's my fault, i'm not the kind of person that usually starts a conversation. He recently had his first baby boy, i was the only one that did not congratulate him, I just felt weird, i neveer talk to the guy. So, what i did do is order some gifts for the baby. They will arrive on the 28th of this month. I was so happy, 'cause i had put it so he had to find out who the presents were coming from, the only thing i wanted to do it build a bridge of conversation. The next say of the purchase, i was telling my friend Maribel (although i don't know if i can call her that) and she said, "I'll buy him something too, that way we can give him the present together!" I was like "wait a minute, this is my thing, why don't you wait until the baby shower?" To make a long and painful story short, this morning, she calls me over to her cubicle and shows me the card she bought and the present!!!! She had the audacity to ask if i wanted to her to wait for my presents to arrive!!!! She knew how important this was for me and she asks?????
Needless to say, she went and gave it to him and he said that she was the first from the office to give him a present for the baby!! Mind you, i don't care to be the first, i just wanted the opportunity to talk to my boss, to let him know that i am trying to start a work relationship. Now the only thing i look forward to is being called a copycat!!
I don't mean to sound like a little girl, but, this was MY idea and she had no regard and took it away from me!!
I want to forgive and forget, but, i am in tears!! how could she do this to me???

Bye for now.

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