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Back to School

RuthLM's picture
on August 26, 2008 - 9:29am

Well, it is back to school for the kids here in Texas. My son (and only child ) is a high school freshman this year and with sports, studies and orchestra I see less and less of him. Guess I'm already feeling a little bit of the
"empty nest". What will happen in four years when college rolls around. Thinking about getting another dog. The one we have is about 7 years old and attached to my husband as he was out of work and home all the time when we got her. So, I think it is my turn. Have started to look at the web pages for local shelters. Will let you all know....As far as names go I like Mollie for a girl (my other dog is Maggie) and maybe
Josh for boy (I don't think he would mind).

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