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on August 26, 2008 - 5:26pm

Let me quiz you a little bit.

What kind of spider is black and has a red hourglass on it's underside?'re exactly right. A BLACK WIDOW!!!

I had the opportunity to see one up close and personal yesterday morning.

I put Riley on the bus and came back to the carport to see that Murphy, our cat, didn't have any food in his bowl. So i opened the door to the storage area off the carport. I leaned my head in to turn on the light and noticed something black up near my head.

I've never been afraid of spiders for some reason, so I didn't jump right away.

When I flipped on the light I noticed it right up above my head on it's web and then I saw the red hourglass on it's stomach.
It took me a split second to put 2 and 2 together and I jumped back and said...."Holy sh.....that's a black widow."

I had a flashback of a story a friend of our family told us when I was a kid. We were on a camping trip sitting around the fire telling stories and he began to tell a story about getting bit by a black widow. He went into detail of how the venom from the spider attacked his brain causing his hands and feet to curl him up into a painful fetal position. He thought he was dying.

I replayed that story in my mind as I stood there staring at that spider wondering what to do with it.

I didn't want to swipe at it and miss and have it fall on me and bite me. No way did I want to end up in a curled up fetal position from a spider bite. LOL!!

I reached around the door and grabbed the broom and knocked it down on the concrete. I smeared it into the ground with my tennis shoe leaving only a black skid mark.

All I could think was how many more of them were in that storage closet. That's where the kids outside toys are and where the cat food is. We have a small fridge out there for cokes.


I called Robert at work and he freaked. He cannot literally stand spiders.

When he got home he got on his laptop to do a search on spiders.

He asked me if the spider's web looked like a funnel.


My response: "I can't believe I really have to tell you that I didn't analysis the spider's web before I knocked him to the ground and stomped his guts out dear."

This morning, I was a little more thoughtful as I opened the door to the storage closet to get catfood for Murphy. I flipped on the light and peered around to make sure there were no creepy crawly's hanging out. I looked up into the rafters of the storage closet and saw a ton of spiderwebs. They SORT of looked like funnels.

I texted Robert when I got to work and told him to take a flashlight out there and shine it up in there to see what he thought the webs looked like.

He said "I really don't want to, but I guess I don't have a choice."
After he looked he said..."Oh boy....we have a huge problem....those webs look just like funnels to me. I bet we have a thousand black widow spiders in our storage closet. I'm going to have to set off a bomb out there."

Now we are all freaked out.

I can no longer tell the kids that "spiders are our friends."

*shudder, shudder*!!!!

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