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Olympics Withdrawal

lfranklin's picture
on August 26, 2008 - 8:26pm

It's official: I miss the Olympics.

Actually, they were probably as much of a "detriment" to my athletic goals as they were inspiration. I'd come home from 10+ hours at work sitting in front of a computer and then fix too big of a dinner ad snack while I sat on the couch and caught up.

And I'm still behind! I make it a rule to not watch closing ceremonies until I've watched everything I've recorded... and I still have a few gold medal matches to left! I finally finished synchronized swimming (man that is one heck of a work out) and rhythmic gymnastics (some one invented an Olympic Sport for the contortionists from Cirque du Soleil!) and tonight is the soccer medal matches.

But I can tell already... when I've *finally* closed the Olympics for myself... I'm going to miss having so much good stuff to watch! Thank heavens it's almost football season!

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