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goodnight, my babies!

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on August 28, 2008 - 12:36am

my computer is letting me in to the journals, so i will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

school was great today, i mean, yesterday, wednesday. the first hour of the english class we had a timed essay, 500 words. the topic was, "what writing means to me." well...of course i was happy because so many things ran through my mind.
once the clock began ticking, i started writing and didn't stop for the first 40 minutes. i wrote 5 pages.
i gave josh as an example, when it came to writing. how he expresses himself through the songs and how i'm (or we) are able to get closer to him through his writing.

i thought i rocked it. we'll see what my grade is.

today (thursday) i'm picking up derek and he's going to stay with us 'till saturday. i'm excited, i love that little boy.

he called on tuesday because he wanted to talk to 'mama' (my mom, his grandma) and when i talked to him, i said, "hi derek, what are you doing?" he said, "i'm cleaning outside." (he's 3) i said, "you're cleaning outside?!...why?" he said, "*$&*(*(*(GR$ (i couldn't make out the first part) then he said, "it's dirty." so, according to him, he was hard at work. then, karen gets the phone and tells me that he's actually, cleaning the refigerator with a napkin!!

what a cutie!

i'm off to bed. i'm not sleepy and it's 12:30am. what shall i do....their's not many people online. i'll just let josh sing me to sleep. goodnight!

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