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on August 29, 2008 - 6:45am

Well, the slice of chocolate cake Craig brought me last night was absolutely DELICIOUS! The cinnamon rolls were so good this morning, too...I don't want any more sweets, though, and probably won't for a while! It's so funny how this baby has me craving such healthy things--steak, potatoes, and vegetables--most of the time. With my other 3 it was hot dogs and pizza with the first, potatoes and french fries with the second, and cabbage, salad, and lots of ice cream with the third (all of which made me extremely sick!).

Well, nothing really to "write home about" this morning...i'm in a big cleaning mood again today. Maybe I can get the rest of the house whipped into shape today! My next round of fabric came in yesterday afternoon, so it'll be back to sewing soon. I am anxious to get started on that, too, but really would like to see the house sparkling first! ;)

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