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Status on gifts!!

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on August 30, 2008 - 11:47pm

Hey all,

I have been looking for this song for a very long time. I like it, you're telling the man you love that you love someone else as well "loving you both is breaking all the rules!" You bet your sweet arse it is!!
Enough of is the update on the presents that i had sent to my boss.
I did not sign them, it was from "me" to baby Elliot Martin. On Thursday he had the first package delivered, he said nothing about it to no one, on Friday, he went over to my Supervisor's office and i heard him say, " I received more packages and i still don't know who is sending them!" My manager Denise said, "Didn't it have a packing slip? I must have come with one." I was nervous at this point because i didn't think that it would have one. HE said, "yes, it does, but it has my name, it's like i sent the presents to myself, the card says its for elliott martin and its says it's from "me again" who in the world is it???"
I was laughing, i quickly sent and email to Denise and it said, "guess who?" She didn't give me away. I went to his room and she suggested i tell him, i said that i would, but, on Tuesday. She said that it would be funny if i walk in there on Tuesday morning and ask for something, leave and come back in and say, "It's me again!" I am shy by nature, I need your guys' help, can you make any suggestions for me to spill the beans?

I would really appreciate it. In any case, i was quite entertained and glad he liked the gifts, he is from Ohio, so i got his son an Ohio State two set, 3-6 mo because by the time winter is here he will be around that age.
Gotta go, it's sleey time!
I wonder what Josh is doing? I so want to see him, he is in hiding, i didn't even know that he was in london for a week!! i found out through the blog.
Oh well.
Bye for now,

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