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on August 31, 2008 - 6:06pm

So its been some time since I posted here. I've had a very eventful few months! In July we had the second Evening of Shakespeare at All Saints and it went okay. "The Comedy of Errors" was NOT my choice. I wanted to do something else but I got outvoted. And then not only did I get outvoted, I got micromanaged!! In classic "Episcopal Church" manner, Father decided to put together a "production team" which then proceeded to take over ALL aspects of production, including directing. So in the end I just came to the rehearsals and sat there. Doing nothing. To make matters worse, I'm dealing with a pretty bad depression. Its been so bad that I actually had a breakdown at the read thru of "Comedy". Of course I was mortified that I did this, and then of course Father expressed his concern about my stability. Its hard dealing with something that even my closest friend of 25 years refuses to see in the proper light. Its maddening that I can't talk to anyone beyond my doctors about this. My friend Kim swears I'll end up in drug rehab strung out on some kind of illegal narcotic. SOOO WRONG!! Even my own Priest refuses to see that my Depresion is a true chemical imbalance and not related to any "situation to be fixed". And don't get me started on Church. Oh okay. If you must know! Its not been what it used to be. And its gotten worse lately. Vestry is awful and I'm really ready to just walk off the whole committee. But I have two more months of my term and then I'm done with it. I swear I'm thinking of joining another church.
In other news I'm trying to get back into dating. It hasn't been very successful so far. I swear I'm meant to be an old maid who'll have to depend on neighbors to make sure I haven't died in my sleep! So if anyone knows of any eligible NON SMOKING bachelors around, give them my phone number will ya?? Thanks. I appreciate it. :D

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