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on September 1, 2008 - 7:22pm

I am so BORED. I'm supposed to be doing homework for tomorrow but I can't bring myself to concentrate, so I read the partial draft to Midnight Sun and then I started playing with my iTunes. This is rediculous.

I have class at 9 AM but I can't go to bed until my roommate gets back in like... an hour and a half... and it's already almost 10 30... I'm going to FALL ASLEEP in class tomorrow. Music Theory SUCKS anyway and I still have to wake up early to take a shower and probably finish the homework I don't give a crap about right now.

That's bad. I know it is. But I'm serious when I say Music Theory sucks. And Math is even worse. And those are the subjects I have work in. GROSS.

So here I am. Looking for something to do. Writing this journal to keep my sanity, not gonna lie.

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