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One more day...

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on September 1, 2008 - 8:03pm

[ edited--I HAVE TO ADD THIS IN HERE: I was typing a post here a little bit ago and my computer went crazy on me. Not only did my post delete itself, but in the process I accidentally reported someone's comment from who-knows-where on who-knows' blog! I thought it was "allimprovvisoamore's" and apologized profusely, but now I'm not so sure whose it if it turns out it was someone else's, I'M SO SORRY! I truly am! ]

I wish I understood why we're the only school in the area whose teachers don't need "development"! Yeah, every other school in the area is off again tomorrow for "staff development". It would be nice to have one more day to finish up on some of the "kid projects" we've got going or would like to get going around here. Riley & Craig did get one big project done today. They spent a big part of the day working on building a bed for Riley's American Girl doll. It turned out really cute, and they got some good daddy/daughter time in with the power tools! LOL Not to mention that they built it out of left-over wood Craig had, and painted it with left-over paint from Riley's room re-do last year--the one in the catalog sells for $118! That price does include the bedding, but we're going to make that, too, out of fabrics also left over from her room re-do and other supplies I have on hand that match...

My brother called today. Other than a tornado warning 30 minutes away from him at one point, nothing much related to the hurricane affected them today. I am relieved that the hurricane didn't end up as destructive as originally predicted it would be...hopefully everyone stayed safe.

Well, I'm heading back to the organizing...well, just as soon as UT & UCLA get finished... I do have other thoughts on the game, but I'll spare ya'll the details! LOL

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