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Nakey Nakey

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on September 1, 2008 - 10:22pm

For the second time I found myself hiking down a treacherous ravine to enjoy a glorious day basking in the gorgeous SoCal sunshine.

The first time was many, many years ago with Rich, aka...the Enabler or HOG. That day we took a drive and ended up at Torrey Pines Pines State Reserve/Park. We hiked down a somewhat steep and and winding path to the beach below to stroll at a leisurely pace and enjoy the breezy, salty-air and feel the warmth from the sun and sand radiating around us. Few people were there enjoying that gem of a day and then finally I saw a man strolling up the beach just skimming the water's edge; enough to wet his feet but not to...oh, my right hand slowly rose with index finger pointed straight at the flaccid and very exposed...Rich graciously caught my arm and put it back into place explaining/asking, "Where do you think we are?"

My naivete of local State Parks and their visitors gave me little insight other than that we were at "the BEACH!" To my husbands delight he corrected me, "Yeah, Black's Beach!" Not only was I confused but was embarassed that I was there. The day has always reminded me of wrinkled, old man-flesh...not really one of our stellar dates.

Fast forward to today...again another treacherous hike down a ravine with Rich, my dog Mojo, and my friends who also happen to be family and one, incidentally, also happens to be Rich's former flame. This time San Onofre State Park...ummm, by trail 6...I think, anyway we ended up near the part of the beach closed-off for Camp Pendleton.

I have never met a nicer group of people, not even Grobie's compare to the people I met today. Would definitely go back...Rich says never...but I have my wiley ways...he did go to London with me to see Chess...until then...

On a final note...I have never been so learned in the art of manscaping...and I thought women primped to go to the beach. lol

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