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America's Got Talent...

Cupid's picture
on September 2, 2008 - 8:38pm

Okay guys, who watched America's Got Talent tonight (Tuesday)? I'm terrible with names so forgive me that...Anyway, I ended up voting for the baton twirler because he was really amazing! However, the other acts I enjoyed were the family that sang "Umbrella", Sarah Lenore (the blond female singer), the Elvis impersonator, and the ex-music teacher who sang "I am What I am". BTW (and most importantly), make sure you watch Wednesday so you can vote for Donald. You can vote ten times on the phone and on-line but only After the show. And the voting stays open for two hours. His competition includes the Tina Turner impersonator and Flambeaux (the fire performer) both of which I can see performing in Vegas so, if possible, make sure you vote. Those who know me best know that I will vote both on the phone and on-line because when I support someone I Really support them! LOL! Have a great night! Roger

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