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I Am So Proud!

Cupid's picture
on September 3, 2008 - 9:19pm

Hey guys, Donald did me so proud tonight! Not only was he Fabulous but he won over the judges! And because of that I made the effort and voted for him ten times over both the phone and on-line. As an added bonus, he's also from San Antonio so that makes it all the more special for me. As for the other contestants...What was Flambeaux thinking? He was really good before but tonight he basically lost his mind! Anyway...what a letdown. But Dorae Saunders (aka Tina Turner) was Fabulous! There has to be a place for her in Vegas even if it's just at La Cage. And what about Kaitlyn? Wan't she just adorable? But I'm not sure if it's so wise to put a child that young (four-years old) in a Major competition. What do you think? Anyway...Have a Great night and take care! Roger

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