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Rileysmom's picture
on September 4, 2008 - 5:48am

Ahhh....hee hee!!

I'm off today so I'm watching New Kids on the Block on the Today show.

This is great! It's like they are doing the same thing but in older bodies.

I remember camping out to get tickets to see them in Knoxville with a group of girls. I was supposed to be the supervising adult, but honestly I was right in there hoping to get good tickets!

We ended up behind the stage, but ended up going around and standing in the doorways to see a front view of them. It was training bra pandemonium! LOL!!

Well....I fell asleep before Palin's speech last night. I heard it was good stuff, so I'm off to find it somewhere on the web.

Off today...Woot!

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