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For Josh (and of course any fans who'd like to read it)

vijaykumar's picture
on September 4, 2008 - 11:26am

I know already you read through these entries, but I just wanted to state this to you: I will NEVER engage in anything that will make your fan site appear negative to those who view it, and I will NEVER engage myself in anything that is remotely connected to an argumentative matter what is stated to me, or by whom. There have been some remarks made to me already, and what is stated is not truth, but I won't acknowledge the remarks, truthfully none of it matters to where I need to make your site look like it is a boxing match..I value you and your musical contribution far too much..and I offer up an apology to you for all the negativity that has ever taken place on your site, even though I don't know what 95% of it is or was, and I am not responsible for others' actions..but I think that much of you, that I am willing to hang myself out there to dry, just to make this experience a bit nicer for you. Thank you for reading this..forward the front row tickets to my house, just kidding, I know with your sense of humor, you would probably get a kick out of that last part, but truly, you do so many nice things for others, it is the least that I could do to pay my respect for you, and show my thanks. I know this site means an awful lot to you, as well as your fan group, I am hoping that it will flourish for you, in every positive way that it possibly can. *winks*

P.S. Check out my "vacation" BLOG entries..I believe they will be a piece of reading entertainment for you..there are more to come, I am on vacation until later this month. (ha!! ha!!)

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