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on September 4, 2008 - 1:48pm

I came across an old book of mine from high school. OK, we won't get into how long ago that was. LOL I thought I had lost everything in the school fire but I didn't. I did lose all my poetry that was going to be published. It still stings a bit. I did find a book that had some poetry that I wrote but did wasn't good enough to publish. I wanted to share one of the poems that I wrote back then. I wrote this because someone special was killed by a drunken driver. Some how putting something down on paper made it a little more tolerable at the time.


Watching the sunset
slowly fade away
I thought of all the wonderful
times we shared.
The stars in the sky
the moon full and bright
on a crystal clear night.
We shall be brought together again some day but for now good-bye my love.


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