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Ready for Fall!

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on September 4, 2008 - 10:02pm

After the past few days of just rain & cloudy weather, I'm really ready for it to start getting cooler, too. At least there's something invigorating about a crisp, cool morning...even if it is a gray day. But this humidity that seems to hover over us...UGH! And that has NOTHING to do with my frizzy hair--everyone else's gets to looking that way, too after 3 days of high humidity and rain! LOL And of course, I can prepare you...because after a while of just "cool, crisp mornings" I usually end up saying that if it's going to be cloudy and cold, the least it could do is snow! LOL Oh well...I need to just be content that we actually get to experience the different seasons here; I know a lot of you don't.

We went to look for new bedroom furniture for Kara and Cassidy's room this evening. I don't know what we'll pay for it with if we do decide to get it, but I do know that it's a necessity since we're going to have to be making room for another one! We did find some really nice bunk beds that had well-made stairs, sturdy guard rails, and lots of built-in storage that were a really decent price. I think the girls would still need additional dresser space, though, as the drawers on the bed wouldn't be enough for two of them to share. We found at the same store that they carry the unfinished furniture, and the chest of drawers we liked was only $111! Can't find those prices anywhere else, and it was really well-made. We also would like to find some new bedroom furniture for ourselves, but I don't see it happening really soon. Even though that same store had name-brand furniture bedroom suits (bed, dresser, nightstands, & chest of drawers) for under $2000! I know...patience is a virtue. humph. LOL

Well, tomorrow brings the deadline for the kids' school fundraiser, so I have to go get all the orders and money organized now. I sure hate it for the PTO officers who have to count ALL of the orders and money! It's annoying enough that I'm getting ready to do it for my 2! And don't get me on the fact that the classes compete to see who sells the most. I realize it's ideal for individual kids/classes to motivate them and all, but it sure would be easier if siblings could team up. My girls were really trying to work together anyway in order to win a Nintendo Wii...but they would have had to sell 200 items between the two of them! Yeah, I think we MIGHT have made it to 25...

Alright, I really do need to quit procrastinating again. G'Night everybody! :)

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