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Spinning my wheels

MJKC9397's picture
on September 6, 2008 - 8:15pm

It's been a nice day, but as far as "getting anything done". Nuh uh. Nada. Nuthin'. This morning, first thing, Riley & I headed to Tupelo for a beginners sewing class for her age group. (Yeah, I could teach her--and have some--but you learn so many different things from other people...) We were there from 9:30 until 1:00!!! Me, at Hancock Fabrics for three-and-a-half hours could mean big trouble! And I did find a lot of projects I'd like to get to...but I was disciplined, and just wrote down the ideas, 'cause I have enough of a stash of projects here already I need to get to first! After picking up a few groceries, eating a quick lunch out, we came home. Kara & Cassidy were 'on go', both wanting my time and undivided attention. So we all worked on crafts of different sorts--none of them things I really NEEDED to be doing. But, I wouldn't trade the time with them, either, as I know it was a need for them. I did get to go for a walk tonight. It sure felt good to exercise again after not being able to for a while. And it's been a beautiful day-no humidity, sunshine, and 78 degrees...yay! Hope that continues (I think the prediction is for all week!) for a while! The windows have been open, and my mood was instantly better at the first ray of sunshine I saw today. Now, I'm going to go get a bath, and then, I am going to try to sew and get at least SOMETHING done that needs to be accomplished...other than filling family needs, of course! :)

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