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The High Barn...

Helzbellz's picture
on September 8, 2008 - 1:30pm

Oh my life!!! Those three words... I just say them to myself and I smile! It was such a memorable weekend. I had such a laugh and just loved every second of it.

And my cake ('tis my b'day today you see *blush*)... well that was a complete shocker! I couldn't believe it...(and it was a mermaid cake too...squeee!) I've just never had such a public thing for me like that before, I was really moved.... being with special people who love a very special man, and in such lovely surroundings. Words can't describe how I felt.... and still feel.


Josh you neeeeed to come to the High Barn. WEEEE need you to come to the High Barn!!! The barn needs you too... and the piano...

Helen xxx

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