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A Night to Remember

MaKezzen's picture
on September 9, 2008 - 1:44pm

Ok well just a small reminder who my friends are at work. There is Marites who is the Manager, Corey (my ex), Matt who is a shift Manager, and Damian he came back from Iraq in May. OK here is the story. Two weeks ago last Thursday I was working with Marites and we were tryin to figure out if we were all going to hang out. I was on the phone with Damian. He was drinking and we talked about important things. Then he asked if one of us was going to go pick him up from his apartment. So corey said he was going to come and hang out with us. So corey and Marites choose him to come with me to go get him. When we got to his apartment he asked for a hug I gave him one and said kiss me on the cheek so I did. He asked me to do that two more times but each time got closer to his lips. Then he wanted to talk out on his porch so I went out there he smoked and drank some beer. But we were talking about some stuff that has been bugging me like work, death, feeling like no one cares. He told me that he cares about me a lot. When he said that he gave me a hug. Then he asked "Can I kiss you?" I said yes. He kissed me in a way I did not expect. It was a part in the mouth and half not. (french) So we went back in the apartment. He got a hat and we were off to my car. On the way to my car he was kind leaning on me and he ended up holding my hand like were a couple. So he sat in the front seat he held my hand again. i drove with one hand he passed out I think but when he was passed out he rubbed my leg and it was very unusal I have never had that happen to me so I tried to tell Marites to help me but she was not paying attention. When we were at Arby's Marties and Corey went in side I was going to follow but Damian held my hand and stopped me gently. He kissed me again, like the last one. We went inside and bu the door where the employees go he kissed me again (french) and we went in to meet up with the other two. Maritres wanted me to take him home but I knew what would have happened if I would have takin him home I would have lost my virginity. I'm not ready for that. So that scared me and I drove home and turned off my phone and went to bed.

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