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A Night to Remember part 2

MaKezzen's picture
on September 10, 2008 - 7:12am

Well real quick I will answer some questions, I do like this guy (Damian). That night he probably was drinking for about three hours. He had maybe 20 empty cans of Beer and a whole new case. He does not remember much of that night only the kissing part on the porch. (I'm 19)
Well the next day I was going out to hang out with Marites and on my way to her house I get a Text from my boss (cody) and he asked me to call. HIm I told Marites and I was feakin' out. So I called him and he asked if he could meet me at 2:30 I said ok. I did end up talkin to Damian on the phone and he said sorry for what he did and we both agreed on how much we were going to tell our boss. So we don't get fired. We Damian was transfered and we can't speak to each other. It sucks cuz now I like hm and can't even speak to him. I miss his company. Its just the stuff he said to me that night ment a lot to me and helped me. What is kinda funny he said he would help me become a shift manager. Now I am. LOL i just wish he could of stayed at the store. The reason he was transfered is because he broke a promise to my boss " He would not do anything with any of the employees at our store" The only ting I can think of saying is "I miss him" :(

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