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the black boot blues

lindyjean's picture
on September 10, 2008 - 11:47am

i've been hobbling around on a bad wheel since taking a misstep while on vacation in the middle of july. i hurt the arch of my foot, and ever since, bearing weight on a flat foot has been painful. i've taken to either walking on my tiptoes, or curling my foot and walking on the outside of my foot. i finally talked to my doc about it at my regular yearly exam, and he said he thought it was a torn plantar fascia---a ligament-like thing that forms the basis of the arch of the foot. he sent me for xrays anyway, which were negative, so then i went to a podiatrist. yep, a ruptured plantar fascia, with resulting scar tissue. i have to wear one of those big, ugly black boots now for a month. i've had it on for less than 20 minutes, and my foot is already sweating, and it's not even hot out. early this year, my two coworkers both broke their ankles, a week apart, and were both saddled with the black boot. my mother in law also had a broken foot, and she hated her boot. her doc coined the phrase, "black boot blues", because everyone hates these things. if it fixes what's wrong with my foot, i'll go with it. it's just a month. they all had to have theirs longer due to fractures. but at least now i can tell my husband that there REALLY IS something wrong with my foot, and i'm not making it up or exaggerating the pain. this is as important to me as anything. my, "nyeah nyeah nyeah" moment.
so, i have a list of exercises to do to help with stretching out the foot and getting rid of some of the stiffness. i hope it works, because i don't want to have to ring up a physical therapy bill on top of this....

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